obafemi martins holding up cyan fifa player card

What are those teal cards exactly? Oh, Just Cyan Player Cards, the Best FUT Card You Will Never Have (Ever)

If you ever go head to head with a squad in Ultimate Team which features a teal player card (or cyan, as EA Sports would rather you call them) you should savor the moment, as you are truly in the presence of greatness. For each iteration of FIFA that is released, EA creates a small handful of unique FUT cards for those professional footballers who also fancy themselves as top notch gamers. They all have overall ratings of 95, and unless sold on the black market at some point, these cards are the actual property of the players they represent. So, if you play against a gamer who’s fielding a cyan Obafemi Martins, you’re most likely literally playing against Obafemi himself. Oh, the beautiful game.

obafemi martins holding up cyan fifa player card

In addition to Obafemi, FIFA 19 is confirmed to have Cyan cards for Mohammed Salah, Antoine Griezmann and Luke Shaw, as well as seven other footballers from various leagues around the world.

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