Full Football Stadium Before Match Begins

How Long is a Game of FIFA 21?

Full Football Stadium Before Match Begins

TL;DR: A game of FIFA lasts about 20 minutes.

For decades man has been telling woman, “hold on honey, there’s only two minutes left in the game!” Twenty five minutes later, after her patience has slowly evaporated and she’s stomped out of the room, somehow there are still thirty seconds left to play. This is the nature of sports; the numbers on the clock betray the reality of the situation. It’s the worst in American football, but even soccer misleads women and girlfriends all across the world; the game is ninety minutes long, yet some Italian man named Icardi just scored in the 93rd.

From the world stage to the console stage, girlfriends are still stomping out of living rooms all across the world. “It’s the 80th minute babe! We can leave right after this game!”

Yet, for some reason, the game continues to drag on. So, the question is, just how long is a game of FIFA?

The answer is simple, and quickly deduced with some simple math.

All online competitive matches  are two six-minute halves, which can’t be changed. For this reason, most local (same console) players also elect to use this length. Stoppage time in FIFA 21 is almost always +1 or +2 minutes, though it can vary.

So, (6 minutes per half) x (2 halves)  = 12 minutes per game (+/- up to 32 seconds of stoppage time per half).

This isn’t necessarily the whole answer though, as there are a number of variable factors that affect this sum.

  • Halftime is an additional 40 seconds if unskipped
  • Each player is allowed three 38 second pauses for substitutions
  • Stoppage time is variable, and extremely inconsistent although decidedly better in ’21 than previous iterations
  • The game clock slows to real time (second for second) when the ball is out of play
  • Local play pause time is unregulated

Therefore, in an absolutely worst-case scenario (for players and girlfriends alike) both players use all their pauses, and don’t skip halftime. The time of this terrible, horrible, hypothetical game is then:

(6 minutes per half) • (2 halves) + 6(40 second time-outs) + (40 second halftime) = 18 minutes and 40 seconds.

Although stoppage time should theoretically always be under a minute of real-time play, anyone familiar with the game will tell you that’s just not the case… Especially if you’re winning and your opponent has possession of the ball. If we round that 18 minutes and 40 seconds up accounting for 40 seconds of stoppage time in each half, we arrive back at our original figure:

About 20 minutes.

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