manuel neuer taunting fans with hand gesture

Manuel Neuer Holds Ethereal L2 button, Passes to Teammate

For this week’s sexually arousing backheel, we have the perennial Übermensch candidate Manuel Neuer (or Man, to which his teammates cleverly shorten his devastatingly cumbersome first name) being an absolute fucking beast. Was his showstopping prowess necessary in the slightest? No. Was it an incredibly dangerous angle which would most likely result in a goal should the ball me mishandled? Yep. Does Manuel Neuer give a fuck about any of that shit? I think we all know the answer there. In the Post-Axis Europe that contemporary Germany inhabits, Manuel Neuer is the closest thing we have to a breathing personification of the imposition of Germanic hegemony. The motherfucker is just about as dominant as a goalkeeper is allowed to be in the game of football. And much in the same spirit that the German government imposes measures of austerity upon the central economy of Greece, Bayern München imposes the fucking infallable will of Manuel Neuer upon whomsoever dares kick inanimate objects toward his nylon enclosed sanctuary. Apologies for the extremely obnoxious music in the vid, but the content atones.

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